Women in U.S.History

The women seen on these pages have been Honored by the US Postal Department for their exceptional qualities in their particular field of endeavor. 
The following is an alphabetical list of all the Honoree's to include a synopsis of their achievements a FirstDayCover and a Link  just click on any of the underlined words to read more on the subject.  

ABIGAIL ADAMS...1744-1818 American first lady Abigail Adams helped plant the seeds that would start women and men thinking about women's rights and roles in a country that had been founded on the ideals of equality and independence.Cover below has a cachet by Readers Digest,the stamp issued June 14,1985 Honoring Abigail.


JANE ADDAMS...1860 to 1935 was a founder of the U.S. Settlement House movement, and the second woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, A charter member of the American Sociological Society. Addams' writings and speeches, on behalf of the formation of the League of Nations and as peace advocate, are well documented; influencing the later shape of the United Nations.The cover below has a cachet by ArtCraft honoring Jane with an issue on April 26,1940.


LOUISA MAY ALCOTT...1832-1888 was an American novelist. She is best known for the novel Little Women, set in the Alcott family home, Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts, and published in 1868.She was also an abolitionist and a feminist throughout her adult life.The FDC below carries a cachet by C.Stephen Anderson with a single issue from Concord Mass. February 5, 1940.


SUSAN BROWNELL ANTHONY... 1820 to 1906 was a prominent American civil rights leader who played a pivotal role in the 19th century women's rights movement to introduce women's suffrage into the United States. She traveled the United States and Europe, and gave 75 to 100 speeches every year on women's rights for 45 years.Below we see 2 different issues 1st 3cent, 2nd 50 cent for Susan she was honored on August 26th,1936 and again on August 25,1955.The first cover has a HAM CACHET, the second an ARTMASTER.


VIRGINIA APGAR...1909-1974 was an American physician who specialised in anesthesia. She was a leader in the fields of anesthesiology and teratology, and effectively founded the field of neonatology. However, she is best known as the developer of the Apgar test, a method of assessing the health of newborn babies that has drastically reduced infant mortality over the world.The cover has an cachet by Artmaster with a pair of 20 cent stamps issued October 24,1994.


LUCILLE DESIREE BALL ...1911-1989 was an American comedienne, film, television, stage and radio actress, model, film and television executive, and star of the sitcoms I Love Lucy, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy. One of the most popular and influential stars in America during her lifetime. August 6,2001 the Postal system honored Lucy with this issue below a block with a cachet by Artmaster


CLARISSA HARLOWE"Clara" BARTON ...1821-1912 was a pioneer American teacher, nurse, and humanitarian. She has been described as having a "strong and independent spirit" and is best remembered for organizing the American Red Cross.The cover below has a cachet by Unknown maker, with a block of 4 issued September 7,1948.


Ruth Benedict (born Ruth Fulton),1887-1948 was an American anthropologist.She published her book, Patterns of Culture, only 14 years after the women's sufferage It is interesting to look at how much power she had in the field of anthropology during a time when there weren't many women scholars.Ruth was honored with this 46 cent issue on October 20,1995, our cachet is by House of Farnam.


MARY JANE McLEOD BETHUNE...1875-1955 was an American educator and civil rights leader best known for starting a school for black students in Daytona Beach, Florida that eventually became Bethune-Cookman University and for being an advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The cover below has a Readers Digest cachet on left with a single issue honoring Mary Bethune on March 5th 1985


EMILY P. BISSELL... 1861-1948 was an American social worker and activist, best remembered for introducing Christmas Seals to the United States. She avoided politics and was closely identified with the anti-suffragist movement. In 1900, she testified before the United States Senate Committee on Woman's Suffrage, arguing that women had no place in politics. Emily was honored on May 31,1980 the cover has an ArtCraft cachet.


ELIZABETH BLACKWELL...1821-1910 was the first female doctor in the United States. She was the first openly identified women to graduate from medical school (M.D.), a pioneer in educating women in medicine, and was prominent in the emerging women's rights movement.The 18 cent issued to honor Elizabeth on January 23,1974 is on an ARTCRAFT cover.


MARY BRECKINRIDGE...1881-1965 was an American nurse-midwife and the founder of the Frontier Nursing Service. She also was known as Mary Carson Breckinridge. She started family care centers in the Appalachian mountains. She was known for helping many people with her hospitals. Honored on November 9,1998 with a 77 cent issue on cover with Art Craft cachet.


PEARL SYDENSTRICKER BUCK...1892-1973 also known as Sai Zhen Zhu was an award winning American writer who spent the majority of her life in China. Her novel The Good Earth was the best selling fiction book in the U.S. in 1931 and 1932 and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932. In 1938, she became the first American woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.Honored with a 5cent issue on June 25,1983, cover has a block of 4 with ArtCraft cachet.


HATTIE OPHELIA WYATT CARAWAY...1878-1950 was the first woman elected to serve as a United States Senator. Senator Caraway represented Arkansas.She was the first female Senator to preside over this body as well as the first to chair a Committee (Senate Committee on Enrolled Bills).This FDC with ArtCraft cachet,issued February 21,2001 with 76 cent issue.


RACHEL LOUISE CARSON ...1907-1964 was an American marine biologist and nature writer whose writings are credited with advancing the global environmental movement. In the late 1950s, Carson turned her attention to conservation and the environmental problems caused by synthetic pesticides. The result was Silent Spring (1962), leading to a nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides. The book inspired led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Carson was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Jimmy Carter.FDC below cacheted by Bazaar covers on May 28,1981 franked with a pair of 17cent stamps issued to honor Rachel.


MARY STEVENSON CASSATT...1844-1926 was an American painter and printmaker. She lived much of her adult life in France, where she first befriended Edgar Degas and later exhibited among the Impressionists.Cassatt often created images of the social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between mothers and children. Honored on November 17,1966 with a 5cent issue this cover has an Artmaster cachet.


WILLA SIEBERT CATHER ...1873-1947 was an American author who grew up in Nebraska. She is best known for her depictions of frontier life on the Great Plains and was celebrated by critics like H.L. Mencken for writing in plainspoken language about ordinary people. In 1923 she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for One of Ours, published in 1922. We honor Willa with this 8 cent issue on September 20,1973. This is an ArtCraft cacheted cover.


JACQUELINE COCHRAN...1906-1980 was a pioneer American aviator, considered to be one of the most gifted racing pilots of her generation. She was an important contributor to the formation of the wartime Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) and Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP).Her issue a 50 cent stamp First Day of Issue March 9, 1996 with an ArtCraft cachet for the Postal Commemorative Society.


ELIZABETH Bessie COLEMAN...1892-1926 was an American civil aviator. Popularly known as "Queen Bess", she was the first person of African American descent to become a licensed airplane pilot, and the first American of any race or gender to hold an international pilot license.On April 27,1995 Queen Bess was honored by the Postal Department with this 32 cent issue. Cachet by Brads Cache.


VIRGINIA DARE... born August 18, 1587, date of death unknown, was the first child born in America to English parents, Eleanor (or Ellinor/Elyonor) and Ananias Dare. She was born into the short-lived Roanoke Colony on Roanoke Island in present-day North Carolina, USA. What became of Virginia and the other colonists has become an enduring mystery.August 18,1937 a 5cent issue honoring Virginia on this Linprint cacheted cover.


EMILY ELIZABETH DICKINSON... 1830-1886 was an American poet. Born in Amherst, Massachusetts, Although Dickinson was a prolific poet, fewer than a dozen of her nearly eighteen hundred poems were published during her lifetime.Honored on August 28,1971 with this 8 cent stamp and an Artmaster cachet.


DOROTHEA LYNDE DIX... 1802-1887 was an American activist on behalf of the indigent insane who, through a vigorous program of lobbying state legislatures and the United States Congress, created the first generation of American mental asylums. During the Civil War, she served as Superintendent of Army Nurses.This strip of 3 1cent issues and the ArtCraft cachet honored Dorothea on September 23,1983.


AMELIA MARY EARHART...1897 missing July 2, 1937, declared legally dead January 5, 1939 was a noted American aviation pioneer and author. Earhart was the first woman to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross,awarded for becoming the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.Atchison Kansas post office issued the first 8cent Airmail stamp honoring Amelia on July 24,1963, the cover below carries a C.Stephen Anderson cachet.


DOROTHY FIELDS...1905-1974 was an American librettist and lyricist.She wrote over 400 songs for Broadway musicals and films. Along with Ann Ronell, Dana Suesse, Bernice Petkere, and Kay Swift. She was one of the first successful Tin Pan Alley and Hollywood female songwriters.Dorothy is honored by the Postal commemoative Society's cachet & the 32cent postal system issue from September 11,1996.


Lillian Moller Gilbreth,PhD...1878-1972 was one of the first working female engineers holding a PhD. She is arguably the first true industrial/organizational psychologist. She and her husband Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Sr. were pioneers in the field of industrial engineering. The books Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on Their Toes, written by their children Ernestine and Frank Jr., are the story of their family life with their twelve children.She served as an advisor to Presidents Hoover, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson on matters of civil defense, war production and rehabilitation of the physically handicapped.She and husband Frank have a permanent exhibit in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and her portrait hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. February 24,1984 a .40 cents issue for Lillian, posted on a Fleetwood FDC.


Alice Hamilton...1869-1970 was the first woman appointed to the faculty of Harvard University and was a leading expert in the field of occupational health. She was a pioneer in the field of toxicology, studying occupational illnesses and the dangerous effects of industrial metals and chemical compounds on the human body.From 1924 to 1930, she served as the only woman member of the League of Nations.July 11,1995 Alice receives her stamp a 55Cent issue on this ArtCraft cover.


Patricia Roberts Harris... 1924 1985 served as United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and United States Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (which office later became United States Secretary of Health and Human Services) in the administration of President Jimmy Carter. She was the first African American woman to serve as a United States Ambassador, representing the U.S. in Luxembourg under LBJ. The cover bares a Postal Commemorative Society cachet, and a January 27, 2000 33 cents issue.


Julia Ward Howe ...1819-1910 was a prominent American abolitionist, social activist, and poet most famous as the author of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."In 1870 Howe was the first to proclaim Mother's Day, with her Mother's Day Proclamation.After the war Howe focused her activities on the causes of pacifism and women's suffrage. From 1872 to 1879, she assisted Lucy Stone and Henry Brown Blackwell in editing Woman's Journal.Julia honored with this 14 cent issue on February 12,1987, this cover has a pair with Cachet by Gamm ...


Zora Neale Hurston... 1891-1960 was an American folklorist and author during the time of the Harlem Renaissance. Hurston's four novels and more than 50 published short stories, plays, and essays, she is best known for her 1937 novel Their Eyes Were Watching God.Zora's issue 37 cents issued on January 24,2003 with an Artmaster cachet


Helen Adams Keller...1880-1968 was an American author, political activist and lecturer. She was the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. A prolific author, Keller was well traveled and was outspoken in her opposition to war. She campaigned for women's suffrage, workers' rights, and socialism, as well as many other progressive causes. This issue 15 cents honoring Helen was issued June 27,1980, the cover carries an ArtCraft cachet.


Grace Patricia Kelly...1929-1982 was an American actress and Princess consort of Monaco. In April 1956, Kelly married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and became styled as Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco, and was commonly referred to as Princess Grace.The Princess is honored with this 29 cent stamp issued on March 24,1993, the cover carries an ArtCraft cachet...


Belva Ann Bennett Lockwood...1830-1917 was an American attorney, politician, educator and author. She was active in working for women's rights, although the term feminist was not in use. The press of her day referred to her as a "suffragist," someone who believed in women's suffrage or voting rights. Lockwood overcame many social and personal obstacles related to gender restrictions. After college, she became a teacher and principal, working to equalize pay for women in education.She supported the movement for world peace, and was a proponent of temperance.In 1879, she successfully petitioned Congress to be allowed to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, becoming the first woman attorney given this privilege. Lockwood ran for president in 1884 and 1888 on the ticket of the National Equal Rights Party and was the first woman to appear on official ballots.This stamp was issued on June 18,1986 to honor Belva Ann, the cover is cacheted by Artmaster and carries a pair of 17 cent stamps.


Juliette Gordon Low ,born Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon in Savannah, Georgia, 1860-1927 was an American youth leader and the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA in 1912.Juliette's issue of October 29,1948 is 3cents and placed on an ArtCraft cacheted cover.


Sybil Ludington...1761-1839 was a young 16 year old woman known for a night ride on April 26,1777 to alert American colonial forces, similar to that performed by Paul Revere .In 1975 she was honored with a stamp in the "Contributors to the Cause" United States Bicentennial series.This 8 cent stamp issued on March 25,1975 Honors Sybil with an Artcraft cacheted cover.


Mary Mason Lyon...1797-1849 was a pioneer in women's education. She established the Wheaton Female Seminary in Norton, Massachusetts, (now Wheaton College). Within two years, she raised $15,000 to build the Mount Holyoke School. She also established Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (now Mount Holyoke College) in South Hadley, Massachusetts in 1837 and served as its first president (or "principal") for 12 years.Issued February 28,1987 the 2 cent issue is featured here with an ArtCraft cachet.


Clara Louise Maass...1876-1901 was an American nurse who died as a result of volunteering for medical experiments to study yellow fever. In 1976, the 100th anniversary of her birth, Maass was honored with a 13¢ United States commemorative stamp. Also in 1976, the American Nurses Association inducted her into its Nursing Hall of Fame. The Calendar of Saints of the Lutheran Church honors her on August 13 along with Florence Nightingale. Clara's issue is 13cents issued on August 18,1976 we show it below with an Artmaster cachet.


Dolley Payne Todd Madison... 1768-1849 was the spouse of the fourth President of the United States, James Madison, and was First Lady of the United States from 1809 to 1817. She also occasionally acted as First Lady during the administration of Thomas Jefferson.Dolley is onan Artmaster FDC with the 15cent issue honoring her shown below with a Plate numbered blosk of 4 issued on May 20,1980


Helene Madison... 1913-1970 was an American swimmer. She won three gold medals in freestyle at the 1932 Summer Olympic Games. She was born in Madison, Wisconsin.Following the 1932 Olympics she appeared in the films The Human Fish and The Warrior's Husband and hence, as a professional, was not allowed to participate in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. She was inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame in 1992.The US Postal Service issued a 25 cent stampon Jult 6,1990 below is a Gill Craft cacheted cover showing the issue.


Ethel Merman...1908-1984 was an American actress and singer. Known primarily for her powerful voice and roles in musical theatre, she has been called "the undisputed First Lady of the musical comedy stage."September 1, 1994 29cent issue for Ethel is on a house of Farnam cover.


Moina B. Michaels...1869-1944 was a U.S. professor and humanitarian who conceived the idea of using poppies as a symbol of remembrance for those who served in World War I.Moina's November 9,1948 3 cents issue is on an Artmaster FDC carring a pair.


Edna St. Vincent Millay...1892-1950 was an American lyrical poet and playwright and the first woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. She was also known for her unconventional, bohemian lifestyle and her many love affairs. She used the pseudonym Nancy Boyd for her prose work.In 1943 she was awarded the Frost Medal for her lifetime contribution to American poetry.This FDC with a Colonial Cachets cachet,carries an 18cent stamp honoring Edna issued on July 10,1981.


Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell...1900-1949 was an American author, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937 for her novel Gone with the Wind. The novel is one of the most popular books of all time, selling more than 30 million copies. An American film adaptation, released in 1939, became the highest-grossing film in the history of Hollywood, and received a record-breaking ten Academy Awards.She has a 1 cent stamp issued on June 30, 1986 From Atlanta Ga.on a Fleetwood catcheted FDC.


Marilyn Monroe...1926-1962 born Norma Jeane Mortenson, but baptized Norma Jeane Baker, was an American actress, singer, and model.Monroe began a career as a model, which led to a film contract in 1946. Her performances in The Asphalt Jungle and All About Eve (both 1950) were well received. The typecasting of Monroe's "dumb blonde" persona limited her career prospects,She studied at the Actors Studio and formed Marilyn Monroe Productions. She won a Golden Globe Award for her performance in Some Like it Hot.The cover below with fancy cancel FDI june 1, 1995 has the legend Marilyn depicted on a 32 cent stamp.In 1999,Miss Monroe was ranked as the sixth greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute.


Marianne Moore...1887-1972 was a Modernist American poet and writer noted for her irony and wit.In 1933, Moore was awarded the Helen Haire Levinson Prize for Poetry. Her Collected Poems of 1951 is perhaps her most rewarded work; it earned the poet the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the Bollingen Prize. The Postal Commemorative Society honored Marianne's 25 cent issue of April 18,1990 with their cachet.


Anna Mary Robertson Moses...1860-1961 better known as "Grandma Moses", was a renowned American folk artist. She is most often cited as an example of an individual successfully beginning a career in the arts at an advanced age.Moses began painting in her seventies after abandoning a career in embroidery because of arthritis.Grandma was honored on May 1,1969 with her own stamp and on this cover with a Jackson cachet.


Georgia Totto O'Keeffe...1887-1986 was an American artist. Born near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, O'Keeffe was a major figure in American art from the 1920s.An Abstract painter O'Keeffe played a central role in bringing an American art style to Europe at a time when the majority of influence flowed in the opposite direction. This feat enhanced her arts historical importance given that she was one of few women to have gained entry to this level of professional influence.Georgia was Honored on May 23, 1996 with this 32 cent issue on this Artmaster cacheted cover.


Dorothy Parker... 1893-1967 was an American writer and poet, best known for her wit, wisecracks, and sharp eye for 20th century urban foibles. Parker rose to acclaim, both for her literary output in such venues as The New Yorker and as a founding member of the Algonquin Round Table, a group she later disdained. Following the breakup of that circle, Parker traveled to Hollywood to pursue screenwriting. Her successes there, including two Academy Award nominations, were curtailed as her involvement in left-wing politics led to a place on the infamous Hollywood blacklist. Dorothy on Postal Commemorative Society cacheted cover has a 29cent stamp honoring her issued on August 22,1992.


Alice Stokes Paul... 1885-1977 was an American suffragist leader. Along with her close friend Lucy Burns and others, she led a successful campaign for women's suffrage that resulted in the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920. This 78 cent issue honors Alice Paul issued August 18,1995. Cachet by Artmaster.


Frances Perkins...(born Fannie Coralie Davies), 1880-1965 was the U.S. Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945, and the first woman appointed to the U.S. Cabinet. As a loyal supporter of her friend, Franklin D. Roosevelt, she helped pull the labor movement into the New Deal coalition. She and Interior Secretary Harold Ickes were the only original members of the Roosevelt cabinet who remained in offices for his entire presidency.Honored with a 15 cent stamp issued on April 10,1980 is on an ArtCraft Cacheted cover.


Molly Pitcher was a nickname given to a woman said to have fought in the American Revolutionary War. Since various Molly Pitcher tales grew in the telling, many historians regard Molly Pitcher as folklore, rather than history, or suggest that Molly Pitcher may be a composite image inspired by the actions of a number of real womensuch as Mary Ludwig Hays The name itself may have originated as a nickname given to women who carried water to men on the battlefield during the war.Molly is honored with a Postal card 10 cent issue,FDI September 8, 1978, the card carries a cachet by Bazaar.


Harriet Quimby...1875-1912 was an early American aviator and movie screenwriter. She was the first woman to gain a pilot license in the United States when, in 1911 she earned the first U.S. pilot's certificate issued to a woman by the Aero Club of America. Less than a year later, she became the first woman to fly across the English Channel. Although Quimby lived only to age 37, she had a major impact on women's roles in aviation.Issued on April 27,1991 honors Harriet depicted here on an ArtCraft cachet.


Betsy Ross...1752-1836 of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been widely credited with making the first American flag and more. Betsy's issue is on an C.Stephen Anderson cacheted cover.Stamp issued on January 2,1952 from Philadelphia Pa where else.


Anna Eleanor Roosevelt... 1884-1962 was the First Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945. She supported the New Deal policies of her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt, had assumed a role as an advocate for civil rights. After her husband's death in 1945, Roosevelt continued to be an internationally prominent author, speaker, politician, and activist for the New Deal coalition. She worked to enhance the status of working women, although she opposed the Equal Rights Amendment because she believed it would adversely affect women. In the 1940s, Roosevelt was one of the co-founders of Freedom House and supported the formation of the United Nations. Roosevelt founded the UN Association of the United States in 1943 to advance support for the formation of the UN.This FDC is issued on October 11, 1984 honoring Eleanor with her second issue a 20 cent stamp. Cover has a Readers Digest cachet.


Wilma Glodean Rudolph...1940-1994 was an American athlete.In the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, she became the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field during a single Olympic Games, A track and field champion, she elevated women's track to a major presence in the United States.she is honored with a 23 cent issue on July 14,2004.The FDC is uncacheted.


Blanche Stuart Scott...1885-1970 also known as Betty Scott, was possibly the first American woman aviatorOn September 6 either the limiter moved or a gust of wind lifted the biplane and she flew to an altitude of forty feet before executing a gentle landing. Her flight was short and possibly unintentional but Scott is credited by the Early Birds of Aviation as the first woman to pilot and solo in an airplane in the United States.On December 30,1980 Blanche is honored with this 28 cent Airmail issue. Artmaster cacheted cover.


Margaret Chase Smith...1897-1995 was a Republican Senator from Maine, and one of the most successful politicians in Maine history. She was the first woman to be elected to both the U.S. House and the Senate.She was also the first woman to have her name placed in nomination for the U.S. Presidency at a major party's convention. The 58 cent stamp FDI was June 13,2007 honoring Smith with an ArtCraft cachet.


Elizabeth Cady Stanton...1815-1902 was an American social activist, abolitionist, and leading figure of the early woman's movement. Her Declaration of Sentiments, presented at the first women's rights convention held in 1848 in Seneca Falls, New York, is often credited with initiating the first organized woman's rights and woman's suffrage movements in the United States.Ms Stanton is cacheted by ArtCraft,The FDC is for a 3 cent issue from July 19,1948. The stamp issue shows 3 women Left Ms. Stanton, Center Carrie C.Catt, and right Lucretia Mott all of whom were instrumental in the Womwne's Rights Movement....


Lucy Stone...1818-1893 was a prominent American abolitionist and suffragist, and a vocal advocate and organizer promoting rights for women. In 1839, Stone was the first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree. This 50 cent issue on Auguat 13, 1968 honors Lucy along with a cachet by ArtCraft.


Harriet Beecher Stowe...1811-1896 was an American abolitionist and author. Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852) depicted life for African-Americans under slavery; it reached millions as a novel and play, and became influential in the U.S. and Britain and made the political issues of the 1850s regarding slavery tangible to millions, energizing anti-slavery forces in the American North, while provoking widespread anger in the South. Upon meeting Stowe, Abraham Lincoln allegedly remarked, "So you're the little lady who started this great war!" Here's an ArtCraft cachetto help celebrate this issue for 75 cents on June 13,2007...


Sojourner Truth...1797-1883 was the self-given name, from 1843, of Isabella Baumfree, an African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist. Truth was born into slavery in Swartekill, New York. Her best-known speech, Ain't I a Woman?, was delivered in 1851 at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio.Ms Truth is honored with this 22 cent stamp issued on February 4, 1986, the cover carries an ArtCraft cachet.


Harriet Tubman...(born Araminta Ross)c.1822-1913 was an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War. After escaping from slavery, into which she was born, she made thirteen missions to rescue over seventy slaves.honored by the US postal system with a 13 cent issue on February 1,1978.A cachet by Bazaar adorns the cover.


Mary Edwards Walker...1832-1919 was an American feminist, abolitionist, prohibitionist, alleged spy, prisoner of war,Army's first female surgeon. She was the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor and only one of eight civilians to receive it. The Doctor was honored on June 10,1982 with a 20 cent issue,with an ArtCraft cachet for the Postal Commemorative Society decorates the cover.


Madam C.J. Walker...1867-1919 was an African-American businesswoman, hair care entrepreneur and philanthropist. She made her fortune by developing and marketing a hugely successful line of beauty and hair products for black women, under the company she founded, Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company.The Guinness Book of Records cites Walker as the first female who became a millionaire by her own achievements.Her 32cent stamp issued on January 28,1998 appears here with a Postal Commemorative Society cacheted FDC.


Martha Dandridge Custis Washington... 1731-1802 was the wife of George Washington, the first president of the United States. Although the title was not coined until after her death, Martha Washington is considered to be the first First Lady of the United States. During her lifetime, she was known as "Lady Washington."The most honored woman on stamps (9X) we have her depicted on this 1 1/2 cent pair from May 5, 1938 witha Fidelity Stamp cachet.


Ethel Waters... 1896-1977 was an American blues and jazz vocalist and actress.She was the second African American ever nominated for an Academy Award.She began her career in the 1920s singing blues.House of Farnam color cachet honors ethel along with her 29 cent issue from September 1, 1994.Great Fancy Cancel.


Ida Bell Wells-Barnett...1862-1931 was an African American journalist, newspaper editor and, with her husband, newspaper owner Ferdinand L. Barnett, an early leader in the civil rights movement. She documented the extent of lynching in the United States, and was also active in the women's rights movement and the women's suffrage movement. Ida received her stamp on February 1, 1990 a 25cent issue and an ARTCRAFT cachet.


Edith Wharton...1862-1937 presented intriguing insights into the American experience. Author of more than 40 volumes--novels, short stories, poetry, non-fiction, Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Age of Innocence (1920), Considered one of the major American novelists and short story writers of the 20th century, Edith Wharton died in France in 1937.Bazaar cachet dresses up this cover Honoring Edith with her 15 cent issued on September 5, 1980.


Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman...1886-1974 was an American tennis player. Wightman won a lifetime total of 45 U.S. titles, the last at age 68. She won 16 titles overall at the U.S. Championships, four of them in singles (1909-1911,1919). Nine of her titles at the U.S. Championships came when she swept the singles, women's doubles, and mixed doubles competitions three consecutive years from 1909 to 1911.known as the "Queen Mother of American Tennis."She was also an Olympian as shown on the July 6,1990 issued 25 cent stamp in her Honor, the cover also features a Colorano "Silk" Cachet of her at work...


Mildred Ella ("Babe") Didrikson Zaharias...1911-1956 was an American athlete named by the Guinness Book of Records, along with Lottie Dod, as the most versatile female competitor. She achieved outstanding success in golf, basketball, and track and field.Babe is shown on this September 22,1981 Issue for 18 cents, the cover carries an ArtCraft cachet.


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