What do You Know of the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence

  One of  the biggest events in our nations history and honored by the US Postal Service with a Se-tenant stamp is the signing of the  Declaration of Independence which marks the begining of our nation. The individual given credit for this Document should be given this month's spot on the podium, but first let's see what we know about this Document here's a quick quiz below . See what kind of Wizz you are on this famous document .

1-  What year was the Declaration written?

                                  (a)1774    (b) 1775   (c) 1776

2- Who penned the Declaration of Independence?

                                   (a) Benjamin Franklin
                                   (b) Thomas Jefferson
                                   (c) John Hancock
                                   (d)  John Adams

3- How many total people on the committee to write the declaration?

                                   (a) 10  (b) 7   (c)   5

4- Who was the President of the Continental Congress at the time it was written?

                                  (a) George Washington
                                  (b) John Hancock  
                                  (c) John Hanson
                                  (d) Benjamin Franklin

5-How many signers of the Declaration were there?

                                  (a) 25   (b) 34   (c)56

6-Who made the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence,on July 8th, in the yard of the State House in Philadelphia?

                                   (a) John Hancock 
                                   (b) John Adams
                                   (c) John Nixon
                                   (d) George Walton

7- Who sat on the committee chosen to write & oversee (proof read/edit) the Declaration?

           (a) John Adams, Henry Clay, William Floyd, Thomas Jefferson,James Madison
           (b) Benjamin Franklin, George Wythe,James Wilson, Rodney Dangerfield,George Walton
           (c) Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin,Robert R.Livingston, John Adams

8-Who were the first 2 signers?

                                 (a) George Washington & Thomas Jefferson
                                 (b) John Hancock & Charles Thomson 
                                 (c) Thomas Jefferson &George Washington

9-What offices did they hold  in congress?

                                 (a) President & Vice President
                                 (b) Treasurer & President
                                 (c) President & Secretary
                                 (d) Sargent at arms & Secretary

10-What city was the original document signed?

                                 (a) New York
                                 (b) Baltimore
                                 (c) Boston
                                 (d) Philadelphia

11-What city is the original document kept?

                                 (a) Washington DC 
                                 (b) New York NY
                                 (c) Philadelphia PA
                                 (d) Alexandria Va

12-What day was the Declaration of Independence adopted by Congress?   
             (a) July 4th  (b) July 4th  (c) July 4th  (d) July 4th (e) a,b,c,d,


Cachet by Artmaster with se-tenant (4 stamp issue)

Answers----1-c, 2-b, 3-c, 4-b, 5-c, 6-c, 7-c, 8-b, 9-c, 10-d, 11-a, 12-e

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What do You Know of the Declaration of Independence
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