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Ringing Liberty Bell

The Boston Tea Party on 29 november 1773, Bostonians disguised as indians, dumped Tea into Boston Harbor in resistance to British "Taxation without Representation". ArtCraft cacheted cover with a Se-tenant block issued july 4,1973.


Battles of Lexington and Concord, "The Shot Heard Round The World",Concord the first battle in the Revolutionary War. Patriot Covers cachet franked with a 10cent Lexington and Concord issue stamp design by Sandham issued April 19,1975.


The Battle of Bunker Hill, "Hold Your Fire Until You See The Whites of Their Eyes" Major General Isreal Putnam.Here we show 2 seperate issues for the Bunker Hill stamp the first is 10 cents issued June 17,1975 on an ArtCraft cacheted cover , the second 2 1/2 cent pair issued June 17, 1959 with a Fleetwood cachet.


Capture of Fort Ticonderoga occurred on May 10, 1775 when a small force of Green Mountain Boys led by Ethan Allen and Colonel Benedict Arnold overcame a small British garrison at the Fort.September 18,1955 this 3 cent stamp was issued. We see it here on an ArtCraft cover.


Battle of Brooklyn in August 1776. Redcoats under Generals William Howe and Charles Cornwallis advanced on New York and tried to trap the Americans in Brooklyn. General George Washington responded by holding his ground until nightfall and then retreating under cover of darkness. It was the first British victory and the first of many legendary escapes by General Washington.(also called the Battle of Long Island). Fleetwood cachet with a December 10,1951 issue.


John Paul Jones,American naval hero in 1776 he was in command of the Ship Providence, he ranged over the Atlantic from Bermuda to Nova Scotia.Renowned for his victory over British ships of war off the east coast of England (September 23, 1779).John is honored with a 15 cent postal issue on September 23, 1979 cachet by Artmaster.


Battle of Princeton, On December 30, Washington again led his forces across the Delaware River from Pennsylvania into British-held territory in New Jersey.Limited fighting occured in Princeton it is a 13 cent stamp issued on January 3, 1977 affixed to this ArtCraft cacheted cover.


The Battle of Saratoga what was planned as a mortal blow to America's strugle for Independence turned instead into a humiliating defeat for the British forces under General John Burgoyne to the Colonial Forces under General Horatio Gates.This Fleetwood cachet depicts the surrender from a painting by John Trumbull, 13 cent stamp issued October 7, 1977.


Battle of Oriskany as General Nicholas Herkimer lay wounded he continues to direct his troops only to lose 650 men of 800 in the ambush.The Postal Commemorative Society created this cachet for the 13 cent issue taken from a painting by Yohn. Issued August 6, 1977.


The Siege of Yorktown or Battle of Yorktown in 1781 was a decisive victory by combined assault of American forces led by General George Washington and French forces led by General Comte de Rochambeau over a British Army commanded by General Lord Cornwallis. It proved to be the last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War, as the surrender of Cornwallis's army prompted the British government eventually to negotiate an end to the conflict.The upper FDC was issued on October 16 1981 it carries a BAZAAR cachet, The commercial cover has the 1st Yorktown stamp issued on October 19,1931 in Wethersfield Connecticut. The cover is adorned with a blue Rubber stamp cachet by the Chamber of Commerce, their first cachet.These rubber stamp Chamber cachets were big in the 30's.


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